WMP co-founder named Businesswoman of the Year

December 7, 2015

 bhamawards logo

On Friday 27th of November at the Edgbaston Stadium audiences voiced their appreciation for Birmingham, as the city’s people came together to join finalists, sponsors, ambassadors and judges in a night of celebration and entertainment.

The Birmingham Awards is the first of its kind to encompass a plethora of different categories celebrating everything from the best bars, restaurant and club to small businesses, the best individual business man and woman of the year, best independent retailer and best blogger, to name a few.

Professional Polishing Services attended the event and were ‘very excited’ for not only were they finalists for Business of the Year but their MD, Kirsty Davies-Chinnock, was a finalist for Businesswoman of the Year.

kirsty 2 awards 2015

They are delighted to announce that Kirsty was named Businesswoman of the Year.


Award for co-founder of West Midland Producers website

December 5, 2014

venus award brummieSee The Brummie aggregator site (left) and ‘Our Birmingham’ for more news about Aston’s Kirsty Davies-Chinnock winning a ‘Working Woman’s Oscar’.

In June 2012, Peter Davies, chairman of Professional Polishing, Smethwick, noted that although the usual downbeat attitude to manufacturing persists, when he attends business gatherings the attitude is buoyant, with news of orders coming in. Co-founder Pauline Davies and managing director Kirsty agreed.

This remark eventually led to the setting up of the West Midland Producers website, which records good news from the West Midlands’ small and medium producers, which has not been highlighted in the mainstream press.

After reading Power Capacitors of Tyseley at Westminster a locally based engineer who travels the world in the course of his work emailed: “Glad someone local is making something”.

This underwhelming remark prompted the editor to count the number of firms covered on this site since August 2012 and reply:

“Look at https://westmidlandsproducers.wordpress.com/ and you will see news of 54 WM companies making something – the large majority located in the Birmingham area. There must be so many others in the region. And that is only in the SME sector”.

“A flaming June” for Professional Polishing in Smethwick

June 21, 2014

Kirsty Davies-Chinnock, Managing Director of PPS, which continues to increase investment in plant, leading to greater capacity and flexibility, celebrates winning three major contracts in June:

pps screen

  • polishing intricate laser cut panels (above) for a hospital in London,
  • polishing narrow strip in coil for the automotive sector, working closely with a fabricator in Romania and
  • a balustrade order for a UK landmark as part of their multi-million refurbishment.

The major contract is to polish hundreds of intricate laser cut profiles for functional and decorative screens to separate different areas of a hospital in London. Each profile has a unique design and is laser cut before polishing. With hundreds of designs PPS will ensure that each panel is clearly identified so that that installation runs smoothly.

kirsty 3.12Kirsty said:

“We love getting involved in projects like this.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to be working with such beautiful designs and our operators can be really proud of the part they play in this prestigious project.”


She adds: “the month isn’t over yet . . . “

The managing director and chairman/founder of PPS talk about the future for steel polishing in the UK

March 14, 2013


PPS logoComments on the last article, sent by email, prompted a visit to the website of Smethwick’s Professional Polishing Services which revealed a new video.

In it, Kirsty Davies-Chinnock – Managing Director of PPS Ltd introduces their new machine, and Peter Davies – Chairman and Founder – looks back over the past 30 years, and also talks about what the future holds for the next 30 years.


Peter Davies video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHVBSpaHuW0, 4 Mar 2013

Kirsty’s email comments:

“Great to hear (Newby’s) have bought Gabriel’s – Years ago we had an abrasive division and Gabriel’s were one of my customers!!

“And it is good that the local administrators are trying to help – it’s much harder work than simply stripping and abandoning but does give hope for the future”.

‘Made in the Midlands’ Award for Professional Polishing Services

October 25, 2012

Read more on the `Our Birmingham` website: http://ourbirmingham.org/

New Plant Investment in Smethwick

September 21, 2012

Professional Polishing Services Ltd have ordered two new polishing lines, an automatic multi-head mirror polishing and coating line and an additional circle polishing line to complement the current 2000mm wide machine which consistently works above capacity.

The Managing Director, Kirsty Davies-Chinnock, writes that she is keen to be able to optimise lead times on both of these sections to benefit their customer base and to service new markets. For general readers a search revealed that ‘lead time’ is the time between order placement and delivery. This is the biggest single investment made in their history, and has come at a time to facilitate a program of growth.

Both lines are scheduled to be fully commissioned and in service by the end of December 2012, so we picture an earlier acquisition.

Peter Davies, the Chairman and Founder of Professional Polishing Services looks back at their investment how the company has become the acknowledged market leader in mechanical surface finishing:

“PPS started life in the depths of a recession and everyone took delight in telling me the manufacturing base within the UK would fail within ten years. Yet since our inception PPS have invested more in new plant and processes than any of our competitors and despite the doom and gloom we have again secured traditional funding – proving that there is support for ambitious SMEs going forward. Committing to our largest capital investment on the eve of our thirtieth anniversary is something to celebrate and is a huge achievement for every individual with the Company. ”

Read the press release here.

Readers who have been unable to access funds from their banks for investment should consider talking to the not for personal profit’ Aston Reinvestment Trust and see our Services page.

Bucking the trend: Professional Polishing Services

August 27, 2012

Made in the Midlands is a business network representing around 250 SMEs in West Midlands manufacturing whose goal is to further the interests of businesses in the region. 

Its Commercial Director, Charles Addison commented early in August:

“Reports that Britain’s manufacturing sector shrank in July have abounded . . .We’ve seen a different picture here within the region, the coverage appears to overlook the significant investment and success being steadily accrued by manufacturing across the UK and particularly in the Midlands.

“It is the continued investment in plant, machinery and people that is sustaining the manufacturing sector and enabling it to grow in the future. It is not just the big names that report increased sales and increasing export orders. Small and medium sized enterprises in the Midlands are also showing their hardiness and bucking the trend of dismal growth forecasts. Made in the Midlands continues to be the hub that brings these successful companies together to continue this” Addison said.

Midlands based Professional Polishing Services have been one such company, this week announcing the investment of nearly a quarter of a million pounds on new capital plant expansion.

PPS Managing Director, Kirsty Davies-Chinnock said “This is the first stage in our ambitious growth plan where we hope to bring new technology into the market to service our existing customers, as well as increasing our presence in mainland Europe. Its gratifying that despite the ‘doom and gloom’ credit lines are available via traditional lenders for SME’s that want to expand.”

Despite the negative media coverage, many areas of the manufacturing sector are thriving and most importantly they are carrying out the very investments and pursuing the opportunities that will guarantee their own future success and safeguard against a contraction of the sector in coming months.

Read more here: http://www.businessreport.co.uk/news/midlands/view/manufacturers-shine-during-during-olympic-summer or call for further information on how to be part of the manufacturing initiative:01902 255033