Heart of England Fine Foods Producers (HEFF)

 Heart of England Fine Foods Directory:


Link now invalid due to HEFF’s liquidation

HEFF Directory

Primary producer sections are seen above, but the HEFF directory also includes information about processors and retailers.

However, in June last year, HEFF announced it was entering into liquidation with the loss of 15 jobs. It collapsed after 16 years, blaming a combination of factors including the non-payment of allocated funding from the Government’s UK Trade and Investment Groups.

Shropshire MP Daniel Kawczynski wrote a letter on behalf of Karen Davies, chief executive of the firm:

“Over the last 16 years Heart of England Fine Foods has created and protected over 2,000 jobs, supported at least 2,800 food and drink manufacturers and generating around £90 million”.

In a statement, Heff said that the Government was being “short sighted” in not supporting a group created to market the food and drinks industry in the region and warned its closure could have a disastrous impact on small firms, putting hundreds of jobs at risk.


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