Walsall-based Albert Jagger decides to bring in some ‘on shore’ manufacturing capability  

January 27, 2017

jagger_logoWalsall-based Albert Jagger is a large manufacturer and suppliers to the commercial vehicle bodybuilder, boat builder, agricultural and engineering industries in the UK.

It has consolidated its supply chain by acquiring Prestwood Engineering. one of the leading manufacturers of pressed components, welded assemblies and fabrications in the West Midlands. Prestwood employees are being retained and will join the100-strong workforce at Albert Jagger.

Prestwood, also based in Walsall, is one of the leading manufacturers of pressed components, welded assemblies and fabrications in the West Midlands. It specialises in low and medium volumes for the spare parts and after-market industries, supplying countries worldwide.


Corporate finance partner Andy Kay said: “The strategic thinking behind the deal was to bring in some ‘on shore’ manufacturing capability and was the result of a strategic review of the business we conducted with the directors.” Mr Kay was supported on the deal by CCW partner Johnathan Dudley and corporate finance manager Chasz Coulsting, who said:

“Albert Jagger have taken a long hard look at the events of 2016 and made the decision to bring some of their manufacturing closer to home. Prestwood Engineering was an ideal fit and provides both increased and varied capacity as well as economies of scale and distance.”


Reshoring in the West Midlands

March 5, 2015


As Peter Davies, chairman of Professional Polishing said on a sister site in 2013,it is great to see that there is a new buzz word around – onshoring!”

The reshoring trend, successes and possible pinch points, systematically explored and publicised by Aston’s Professor David Bailey since 2013, is the subject of new research from EY. Readers new to the subject could also turn to Bryan Luoma for his concise overview of out-sourcing problems.

mas reshoring graphic MAS in 2013

Examples of this trend in the region have reported on a sister site, including entry’s RDM Automotive and Birmingham’s Brandauer – both reshoring and multi-skilling. As Cathy Taylor, EY’s senior partner writes, reshored firms find that a ‘cluster’ in the appropriate sector will offer close proximity to key suppliers, infrastructure and a workforce with the relevant skills and these are to be found in areas like Coventry and Aston/Hockley/Newtown.

Cathy Taylor reports estimates that re-shoring could add £15.3bn of GDP to the UK economy and equate to more than 315,000 jobs across the UK. The West Midlands is one of five regions that offer the greatest re-shoring potential; others named are the East Midlands, North West, South East, Yorkshire and the Humber.

Encouraging last words from Professor Dr Michael D. Johnson, Department of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution, Texas A&M University, briefly in the FT:

“My colleagues and I have found that importing goods from China to developed countries (for example, the US) entails numerous increased costs: transportation, inventory carrying, and production and logistics oversight. The combination of these increased costs, just-in-time manufacturing needs, and increased developing country labour rates contribute to the economic viability of localised flexible manufacturing facilities serving developed country markets”.

Birmingham’s Brandauer – reshoring and multi-skilling

January 23, 2015

brandauer logoIt is good to be able to update our 2012 news from Brandauer, the presswork and stamping specialist, now located in Bridge Street West, Aston/Newtown, which is celebrating a major reshoring achievement, wresting an order from a US company.

Rowan Crozier, Chief Executive Officer of Brandauer says, “This contract is just one of a number of orders that are coming back from overseas”.

Brandauer competed with a number of international companies to secure the tooling-up and volume production of a cable conduit retention ring for the telecoms sector. Reports differ, variously estimating the 2m order leading to 15 or 25 million components being shipped to countries including China, India, Mexico, UAE and the United States over the next ten years.

brandauer bruderer machine“Despite there being more than 50 press-workers domestically, the Germans are still struggling to keep up with demand. Our marketing material and the sub brands we created got us in the front door and then it was down to us to impress them with our capabilities, technology and ability to solve problems”.

Brandauer has invested heavily in the latest machines and in multi-skilling its fifty-six staff through the ‘Improvers Programme’.That gives more flexibility in a business that employs 50 or 60.

(Job rotation is practised in many worker co-ops and involves multi-skilling; all members are able to perform a range of tasks, so when extra hands are required (at certain times of the week for example, or seasonally, or if someone is off sick or on holiday) they are readily available. This leads to improved communications between departments, fewer demands on the personnel department and refreshing variety in the working environment. It also enables the co-operative to cope more effectively with fluctuating workloads.)

Companies are increasingly looking to reshore manufacturing, textiles, software production and call centre work to the UK instead of outsourcing overseas, strengthening local economies and the UK industrial base as a whole.

MAS’ ReshoreUK service offers Brandauer and other companies strategic and technical advice, helping to develop the business case for reshoring and capitalising on global market opportunities to retain and create new jobs.

To read about the company’s history, recovery from devastating fire and anniversary go to https://westmidlandsproducers.wordpress.com/2012/10/17/brandauer-investment/.

A 2014 BBC account also refers to the design and production of pumping slot shield strips and pressure relief springs for the Hadron Collider: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-27506532