Salts Healthcare, now at Birmingham’s Advanced Manufacturing Hub in Aston.

Last year Salts Healthcare, which manufactures medical devices, moved into the Apollo building in Birmingham’s Advanced Manufacturing Hub in Aston. Here is a brief history from its Wikipedia entry:

Brothers John and William Salt started out as apprentice locksmiths in Wolverhampton in the early 1700s. Using the skills gained from his apprenticeship, John Salt became a well established surgeons’ instrument maker. In 1793 the business was passed onto Richard Salt who opened a second site in Coleshill Street. Thereafter the business moved to Bull Street and then Cherry Street. By the end of the 19th century, trade in Birmingham was improving and the Salts’ business was awarded the Royal Seal of Approval. Demand for medical products continued to grow into the early 20th century and, during World War One, Salts manufactured artificial limbs for serviceman injured during the war.

Salts is divided into three divisions:

  • Stoma Care, which designs and manufactures stoma care devices and additional products;
  • Medilink, a network of 19 customer care centres that supply and dispense stoma care and continence products by all manufacturers
  • and Techstep, which manufactures custom-made paediatric orthopaedic footwear (above).

Salts Healthcare International has a UK based International team working with highly skilled, experienced people across the world.







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