CMA Moldform in Erdington

cma moldform

Erdington’s CMA Moldform, established in 1990, provides design and casting facilities for industry, optical art moulding, centrifugal  and vacuum castings, and high capacity rotacasting. CMA has diversified into the development and manufacture of rapid prototypes and low volume parts production for the automotive, aerospace, defence, medical and art sectors.

Following the continued rapid expansion of the business, it undertook a major restructure and the various departments within the company; Rapid Prototyping, Scale Models, Art, Industrial Production and Specialised Products, from 1st May 2015, became separate businesses trading under the name: CMA Moldform Group Ltd.

Their customers – an ever-increasing list of companies – require low volume automotive, aerospace and medical manufacturing, artistic commissions, and a thousand parts from their scale model production department.  For other markets CMA makes display screen surrounds, flexible hoses, iPad supports, protective covers, production jigs, and marine assemblies.

Its art department produces a wide range of sculptures, trophies, interior designs including lighting, coffee/dining/bedside tables, exterior signage, bollards, statues, public and many bespoke limited edition designs.

cma moldform unityProbably the most high profile commission has been the Unity sculpture at Kings Cross Central designed by Simon Hitchens and resin cast by CMA, which “visually references the heavy engineering used in the area’s industrial past in a form suggestive of two large and redundant cogged wheels: the granite element symbolises the robust building materials used in the old Goods Yard, where commodities were moved about by rail and cart. The more technologically challenging blue resin element hints both at the Regents Canal and the important part it played in the transport of goods, but also the aspirational state of the art future being built at Kings Cross Central”, a regeneration area.

Like many of the companies featured on the West Midlands Producers site, the CMA Moldform Group has made judicious and substantial investment in new manufacturing equipment, bringing positive returns in the form of a number of new contracts, one growth area being the supply of component parts for World Rally Championship team entrants and other motor sport cars and motorbikes. 


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