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… Bringing the countryside to your doorstep! …


morefresh phil meredithPhilip Meredith, director of Morefresh, a company the writer first featured on Birmingham’s late lamented Stirrer in 2009, addressed his customers in a September newsletter. He said:

The plight of UK dairy farmers has been in the news a lot recently and it has prompted many of you to contact us, here are my views.

When I set up Morefresh eight years ago it was with one objective, to provide locally produced ethically sourced products. We have, since our inception purchased milk from Wells Farm near Stafford. I know Paul Holt the owner and I know his family.

We have never jumped between suppliers to obtain the cheapest price because I genuinely believe that the milk they sell is of a superior quality and provides the best value for money. Wells Farm were originally dairy farmers who sold their milk to a large processor.

About fifteen years ago a similar set of circumstances arose to today and the milk price fell through the floor. They decided to take the huge step, and with enormous investment began to process and bottle their own milk.

Their business has grown and grown over the years and as well as their own herd of cows they now buy from thirty eight local farms all of whom are red tractor assured. The farms that supply Wells Farm do so at contracted price which is set in advance.

If Wells Farm have more milk than they require they sell it on the spot market which is currently at a very low price. It is therefore Wells Farm who lose out and not the farmers that supply them.

morefresh van liamLiam on his delivery round

Milk, like all commodities, becomes cheaper the more you buy. Morefresh is still a very small fish in a very large pond. Periodically I sit down with Wells Farm and we negotiate a price, it does not go up and down with the farm gate price of milk and Morefresh has made no financial gain from decrease in the milk price until last week when the price we pay dropped a little.

By buying from us you are already supporting local farms and pay the farmers who produce it a fair price. At our two sites in Birmingham and Tamworth we now employ 25 people, all of whom earn more than the living wage. We continue to go from strength to strength because of you, our loyal customers. Thank you for choosing to buy from us, we really do appreciate it.

Our first commitment is to our customers so we are launching a new long term incentive – a great offer.

morefresh logoPhone us on 0330 123 5724 or email

31 Inkerman Street, Birmingham. B7 4SB

*Editor: Though primarily a site for the region’s smaller manufacturing businesses who often do not get media coverage, there is a services section which currently contains links to a few companies in the micro-finance, property management, problem-solving and carbon reduction sectors.


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