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redhill 2 logoRedhill Manufacturing was established in 1977 in Redditch, near Birmingham, focussing on manufacturing sack trucks and platform trucks, with four employees, operating from a 1,600 square foot unit on South Moons Moat Industrial Estate.

Over the years, Redhill has increased staffing levels and steadily expanded its range and production capacity, moving to larger 16,000 square foot premises at the same site and continued to enjoy substantial growth, in recent years, doubling the size of its operation to 31,000 square feet.

From trucks and trolleys to drawer systems and work benches, designed, manufactured and assembled by highly skilled craftsmen, the purpose-built premises in Redditch now produces over 3,000 standard products, as well as bespoke design, all made to the highest UK quality standards.

One of these products in the news: the snow plough

redhill snow plough

Forecasters have issued early weather warnings for sub-zero temperatures and snow across the entire UK through November and December, predicting the worst winter in half-a-century – icy roads, slippery paths and driveways.

redhill snow plough mounted

Redhill’s range of durable pushalong snow ploughs will help to tackle the winter weather and create a safer working environment. They will save the user a huge amount of time and effort as larger areas can be cleared relatively quickly. The angled ploughs allow snow to easily slide off the blade and the simple design enables removal of snow while keeping the body in an upright, walking position, rather than relying on the strength of the lower back.

To cover larger areas consider acquiring Redhill’s mountable snow plough (above), which provides a 15-degree blade and will attach to fit most forklift trucks, complete with a rubber strip lining to reduce wear.

See the video in action here:

For the latest news:


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