M6 Motor Bodies

Andy Savery set up his garage in 2000, with no plan beyond being his own boss and running that business until he retired.  However, fifteen years later, the opportunity arose of owning a group of four very successful businesses – see details on its former website – and Mr Savery invested his capital in these businesses.

art business2 loans logoThe group’s Financial Director, Bill Douthwaite, originally applied to the Aston Reinvestment Trust (ART), described on this site, for a loan to help with setting up the Birmingham Test Centre; before that loan was fully repaid, the business now known as M6 Motor Bodies came on the market, conveniently placed in Nechells within half a mile of junction six of the M6. Mr Douthwaite successfully applied to ART for a top up loan and bought the business.

M6 Motor Bodies now offers a comprehensive commercial vehicle build, repair and maintenance service to logistics operations (supply chain managements) across the UK.  They can meet all bodywork needs, from dry freight to unique designs and specialist vehicles and manufacture a comprehensive range of dry freight bodies.

m6 motor bodies

In its first seven months, M6 Motor Bodies has doubled its staff from 8 to 16, increasing the number of vehicles in its workshop from 3 to 18.

Videos about this ‘one-stop shop for all your vehicle requirements’ may be seen here:





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