Award for co-founder of West Midland Producers website

venus award brummieSee The Brummie aggregator site (left) and ‘Our Birmingham’ for more news about Aston’s Kirsty Davies-Chinnock winning a ‘Working Woman’s Oscar’.

In June 2012, Peter Davies, chairman of Professional Polishing, Smethwick, noted that although the usual downbeat attitude to manufacturing persists, when he attends business gatherings the attitude is buoyant, with news of orders coming in. Co-founder Pauline Davies and managing director Kirsty agreed.

This remark eventually led to the setting up of the West Midland Producers website, which records good news from the West Midlands’ small and medium producers, which has not been highlighted in the mainstream press.

After reading Power Capacitors of Tyseley at Westminster a locally based engineer who travels the world in the course of his work emailed: “Glad someone local is making something”.

This underwhelming remark prompted the editor to count the number of firms covered on this site since August 2012 and reply:

“Look at and you will see news of 54 WM companies making something – the large majority located in the Birmingham area. There must be so many others in the region. And that is only in the SME sector”.


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