Orgbar Aluminium, based on Earlswood Trading Estate

orgbar earlswood estate

Orgbar Aluminium is an engineering company, based in Earlswood, specialising in machining aluminium, non-ferrous metals and plastics for use in industries ranging from commercial refrigeration, shop fitting and exhibition stands, transport and high end Hi-Fi accessories.

orgbarlogoOrgbar can handle small, medium or high volume production runs, delivering cnc machining, cutting, presswork, welding and complete fabrication to customers’ standards. Anodising and powder coating are also available. It has a full design and CAD facility data linked to a 24 hour online manufacturing centre, integrated to full quality assurance (ISO9001) and product testing standards.

orgbar mdIts owner, Dana Krauze (on the right), previously worked as a book-keeper and company secretary in the engineering sector and in 2008 decided to buy the aluminium fabrication business, now known as Orgbar.

The company had previously operated predominantly in the rail, automotive and shop fitting – sectors all hit by the recession – and went into administration. Dana believed the company workforce was a good team and had the potential to grow the company by expanding its range of products and diversifying into other industry sectors. After a few challenging years and continued on-going personal investment into Orgbar, the business stabilised, moved into profit and started to grow as the economy moved out of recession.

At the end of 2013, the level of enquiries being converted into orders was rising and Dana applied for Warwickshire Rural Growth Network’s Micro-Enterprise Grant for funding to help her buy plant and equipment to increase production and capacity,  recruit additional staff and take advantage of the opportunities they had worked hard to secure.

The University of Warwick Science Park’s Access to Finance team helped in preparing her business case and Orgbar were able to obtain a £13,000 grant.

This money is earmarked to pay for a new metal saw and other equipment that has greatly increased the company’s efficiency. Already they are reaping the rewards with higher productivity than they could have done otherwise and secured new sales.

As Dana Krauze says, now Orgbar has the new machinery, the increasing orders can be met and new staff taken on:

“It’s good news for us and for the region.”


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