Drop forging in Willenhall –1: Victoria, Manor Works


victoria drop forgings logoIn December, a management buyout of Victoria Drop Forgings, based in Willenhall was reported.

Geoff Howles and Geoff Radford bought the shares from the previous owner Jeremy Jones. Hawkins Hatton, the Dudley based corporate law firm, carried out ‘due diligence’ and negotiated on every aspect of the transaction.

The company was established as a family firm in 1910 and has been supplying the aircraft industry with aerospace components and fittings since the 1930s. It currently provides the fuel line connector Rolls Royce used on their Trent engine range.

The company also manufactures a variety of drop forgings for the engineering industries using an extensive range of materials including carbon, alloy, stainless and heat resisting steels as well as non-ferrous materials such as copper, brass and bronze. It is able to produce small forgings up to 4 kilos.

victoria drop groupFrom left: Geoff Radford, of Victoria, Ruth Murday of Hawkins Hatton, Terry Hitchen of Garratts, Jeremy Jones and Geoff Howles, both from Victoria

Geoff Radford, who recently returned to the UK after a spell running an overseas engineering group, thinks that Victoria’s niche market within the aircraft industry will share in its predicted growth of 5% a year over the next 20 years. He intends to make changes:

“We will continue to invest in the latest CAD/CAM technology which gives many advantages over conventional die milling with greatly enhanced accuracy, repeatability of product and speed of manufacture.

“Through on-going investment we aim to further improve flexibility for our customers whilst reducing the cost and lead time from enquiry to delivery of the finished product”.

Next week: W.H.Tildesleyof Willenhall



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