Turning from assembly to manufacturing – Accord Housing


On a sister site in August 2011 we recorded that social housing landlord Accord Group had bought a derelict Walsall factory on a five acre site. It planned to manufacture low-carbon timber houses there, which it had previously imported from Norway, for use in three of their developments.

 accord timber housing

Accord’s timber housing in Redditch

Mike Dell, president of Black Country Chamber of Commerce pointed out, in the Birmingham Post, that “Energy bills for these homes, which are nationally acclaimed, cost on average 50% less than traditionally-built properties of the same size. This sort of saving is a tremendous help to people who are struggling with the current cost of living in the tough economic climate”.

Alan Yates, Director of Regeneration for the Accord Group, said: “With fuel poverty a growing concern in this country it is vital that house builders think about how they can make new homes more energy efficient”.

Earlier this year, the Accord Group became the first housing association in the country to manufacture low carbon timber frame homes.

Highly energy efficient, the carbon footprint of homes produced at the factory, based in Beechdale, Walsall, will be half of what is generated when traditionally built brick homes are constructed. To meet the challenge of building higher quality homes with less Government grant, the Accord Group has developed an innovative hub which will manufacture around 200 timber homes each year.

Accord will produce timber homes for rent, shared ownership, selling some to other housing associations and developers, creating revenue to develop new housing products.

It already provides 11,000 affordable homes and services to 40,000 people across the West Midlands and beyond.

For more information go to http://accordgroup.org.uk/articles/86-Accord-become-first-housing-association-in-UK-to-open-timber-home-factory


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