JCB supporting local pottery manufacturers

JCB logoWhy are we bringing news of JCB, which has – from small beginnings building agricultural tipping trailers in 1945 – become a very successful global manufacturer?

This website is dedicated to small and medium producers in the West Midlands region – but a reader sent news about JCB, which included a valued instance of local procurement, a practice which strengthens the regional economy.

JCB 3CXAfter the second world war, Joseph Cyril Bamford worked by himself in a garage in Uttoxeter and gradually built up this major global business. He started by using a second-hand welding set and some surplus military equipment to make tipping trailers for farmers to hitch to the new generation of petrol-driven tractors.

Four-wheel trailers followed on, then hydraulics were added to create the very first four-wheel tipping trailers, in 1948.

Our reader wrote:

“The other week I visited JCB in Rocester, Staffordshire, on a professional engineers evening tour. It was a pleasure to see a successful family-run business

“On arrival we were offered tea,  served in Staffordshire bone china

wedgwood 1

“There was a big and proud JCB logo on the side, but the company is supporting the local suppliers”.


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