Frederick Follows Limited: designers and manufacturers of specialist tools & machines

frederick follows factory 2Though Frederick Follows has been winning orders with government bodies worldwide, the MoD (Ministry of Defence) and various multinational companies, it values all its customers from the large to the small ‘one-man-bands’ and artisans.

Its core client base includes the automotive industries, to whom FF supplies off the shelf automotive standard marking tools.

A  Birmingham based company, originally founded by Mr. Frederick Follows back in the early 1920’s, Frederick Follows Limited is now run by Managing Director, Mr Charles Rhodes and Works Manager, Mr Martin McMahon.

It is a specialist manufacturer of marking tools, debossing and embossing tools and marking machines, using the latest CAD/CAM – CNC technology. Specialised marking tools and machines can be designed to overcome customers’ production problems, and to customers specific requirements.

 frederick follows headerMarking machines, marking tools Wickman roll marking tools CNC roll marking tools embossing and debossing marking tooling

With complete in-house manufacturing capability and no subcontracted services, Frederick Follows can respond quickly to tooling breakdowns, last minute design changes and prototype tooling requirements.


We wish them well!



One Response to Frederick Follows Limited: designers and manufacturers of specialist tools & machines

  1. Patrick Shaw says:

    Well Done Keep up the good work for Britain from
    Patrick and Sylvia Shaw..descendents of the Thomas Attwood

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