Samuel Heath in Highgate: supporters of the ‘Made In Britain’ marque

samuel heath

Vanessa Allan, marketing manager for brassware manufacturer Samuel Heath, said: “At Samuel Heath we have been manufacturing in Birmingham for nearly 200 years. All our products are made under one roof in our Birmingham factory and as a British manufacturer we also have strong sense of environmental responsibility and work hard to minimise our environmental impact.

Their London showroom in the Design Centre

Their London showroom in the Design Centre

“Samuel Heath strongly supports the campaign for a standardised ‘Made In Britain’ marque to be used on British-made products. Manufacturers in the UK provide a level of reassurance that can’t be offered elsewhere because of the provenance of their products and the sustainability of their manufacturing processes.  Further transparency, when it comes to labelling products as British, can therefore only help to raise standards and make things clearer for the consumer.”

In 2011, Stoves & Co launched a national campaign to call for a standard Made in Britain marque to be applied to all products manufactured in the UK

Over the past twelve months the campaign has gone from strength to strength – with over 600 manufacturers signed up to the logo and backing from a number of prominent MPs.

Stoves & Co believe that buying British made products helps to boost local businesses and the economy as a whole and is also kinder to the environment. Most important in their eyes is helping to raise awareness of  people in studios, workshops, factories and farms across the nation, who work hard to create products.

made in britain 2 logoUK university design students were asked to create a logo which could be used as a standard marque. Hundreds of entries were received and,with the help of a judging panel of industry experts, the winning design by Cynthia Lee from Nottingham University was selected.

In January their website celebrated the news that UK manufacturing has experienced another welcome boost, as the latest government figures showed that 40% of British companies were bringing their manufacturing back to the UK. The firms surveyed said that they viewed the UK as being the most physically and economically safe place to be doing business. The changing views came as a result of natural disasters and the global economic crisis, that had impacted orders, revenue and customer delivery.

Many companies that were previously manufacturing overseas, were keen to bring their production back home, and review their supplier and value chain strategies. In addition to the two in three companies who were bringing manufacturing back in-house, a quarter of businesses were increasing their use of local suppliers.


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