An SME directory for the West Midlands?

HEFF have done it for food . . .

HEFF member2

Summarised from the Localise West Midlands website:

Small and medium locally based businesses, including those who may be part of a larger national franchise, have a greater ‘local multiplier effect’ on local communities, increasing the community’s prosperity directly, as well as creating comparatively high numbers of jobs

However, it is difficult to find out what is made in the region because of an information shortfall – most firms have no section on their websites for such news, some being a couple of years out of date. Hours of online research are needed before piecing together cheering news  which is usually buried in the specialist press.

PPS logoAn honourable exception is the Professional Polishing Services company, now masterminded by Aston’s Kirsty Chinnock Davies, named as an IoD West Midlands Director of the Year, who never hides her firm’s light under a bushel, recording and sending out news of awards and machinery acquired.

The latest instance of PPS outreach is her invitation to share a video, issued to mark the company’s 30th anniversary:

PPS machinery 30 anniversary video

All who want to build stronger regional economies would welcome information about goods produced in the region, to promote a move to more localised supply chains, bringing economic benefits to the West Midlands.


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