Balco designs and produces equipment in demand here and abroad

Balco Engineering Ltd (Hockley Birmingham) are metal finishers and chemical engineers who have served industry and the jewellery sector since 1969.

The product ranges are designed and produced exclusively in-house at Balco’s Birmingham factory, which has facilities to fabricate in polypropylene, stainless steel and mild steel, powder coat finishing, electrical and electronic construction and all plumbing requirements.and supplied throughout the world direct to clients or via their distributors and agent network.

 Ultrasonic cleaning system with liquid filtration to process medical valves

The finishing processes include anodising – tarnish prevention, electro-plating and polishing.

Products include acid tanks, chemical storage, dust extraction systems, filter pumps process tanks, Amp time controllers, tank level controls, thermostat systems, safety and chemical / solvent storage enclosures, cabinets & fume cupboards, custom built equipment for all industries and educational establishments and water treatment facilities. Read more here.

We look forward to hearing more about this firm.


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