Chamberlin & Hill: further investment

Like Smethwick`s Professional Polishing Services, the Chamberlin & Hill Walsall foundry is continuing a programme of investment with the installation of a 2013 Disamatic moulding machine (diagram below) which will increase its capacity to produce grey iron to over15,000 tonnes per annum, using the cost effective cupola method of melting.

As part of the company’s continued drive to improve productivity while maintaining standards of quality and service, this investment reinforces Chamberlin & Hill’s position as market leaders in the production of multi-cored, thin  section castings.

Emphasis placed on corporate responsibility requires all its directors, managers and employees to exercise high standards of ethics and integrity in conducting the Group’s business, adhering to both the letter and spirit of relevant laws and regulations.

Chamberlin’s Board has adopted a whistleblowing policy and procedure, to encourage employees to raise concerns about misconduct or malpractice, and to ensure that such concerns can be reviewed and considered fairly and properly.

Formal anti-bribery policies and procedures have also been introduced to comply with the requirements of the Bribery Act 2010.

The company`s diverse range of markets, including automotive, hydraulics, mining, hazardous environments, power generation and construction equipment, has stood them in good stead during the recession, reducing their exposure to any single market, and presenting a wider range of opportunities for future growth.

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