New Plant Investment in Smethwick

Professional Polishing Services Ltd have ordered two new polishing lines, an automatic multi-head mirror polishing and coating line and an additional circle polishing line to complement the current 2000mm wide machine which consistently works above capacity.

The Managing Director, Kirsty Davies-Chinnock, writes that she is keen to be able to optimise lead times on both of these sections to benefit their customer base and to service new markets. For general readers a search revealed that ‘lead time’ is the time between order placement and delivery. This is the biggest single investment made in their history, and has come at a time to facilitate a program of growth.

Both lines are scheduled to be fully commissioned and in service by the end of December 2012, so we picture an earlier acquisition.

Peter Davies, the Chairman and Founder of Professional Polishing Services looks back at their investment how the company has become the acknowledged market leader in mechanical surface finishing:

“PPS started life in the depths of a recession and everyone took delight in telling me the manufacturing base within the UK would fail within ten years. Yet since our inception PPS have invested more in new plant and processes than any of our competitors and despite the doom and gloom we have again secured traditional funding – proving that there is support for ambitious SMEs going forward. Committing to our largest capital investment on the eve of our thirtieth anniversary is something to celebrate and is a huge achievement for every individual with the Company. ”

Read the press release here.

Readers who have been unable to access funds from their banks for investment should consider talking to the not for personal profit’ Aston Reinvestment Trust and see our Services page.


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